25 | 06 | 2017


Who we are and what we do!

The Bulkley Browser is a weekly publication that is available as a printed copy and an online copy. The deadline for submissions to The Bulkley Browser is Tuesday at 5pm. Printing of The Bulkley Browser starts on Thursday morning and delivery is on Friday. The online version is available Friday mornings and the printed version is delivered Fridays from Kitwanga to Houston with the communities of Gitsegukla, the Hazelton’s, Gitanmaax, Kispiox, Moricetown, Smithers and Telkwa inclusive. The printed version is available only in black and white. The online version is in color.

The Bulkley Browser is an advertising agency providing free classified advertisements for buy and sell items. The Bulkley Browser handles advertisements for businesses and services at reasonable rates. The Bulkley Browser is also the leading source of information for events and happening’s in your community. The best way to communicate with our office is through This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Office hours are 9am-1pm Monday, Wednesday & Thursday. Friday we are out of the office for delivery. Our office is located at 3227 Hazelton Street in sunny Two-Mile. It is best to please call 250-842-4143. We look forward to having The Bulkley Browser to work for you.


Many, many thumbs up to the Hazelton Community Charity Program for their awesome donation to the Community Food Bank.  our hard work and willingness to go "the extra mile" is appreciated by all who use the food bank.  Thanks so much!!!!!